sleepy eevee pokemon keycap


eevee must be having the sweetest dream ever. just look at that cute snot bubble!

this artisan keycap is made to bring some simple joy to your desk space.

Please read •ᴗ•
⟡ This is a R4 1u keycap.
⟡ It has a XDA profile, and is compatible with MX stem mechanical keyboards.
⟡ Each keycap is lovingly hand-sculpted with polymer clay.
⟡ Meticulously double coated with UV resin for gloss and durability.
⟡ Please handle with care. Only pull the bottom of the keycap and never on the sides or on the character.
⟡ Due to the fragile nature of handmade keycaps, it's recommended to use it on the top row or standalone keys that you rarely use.
⟡ To clean, wipe gently with dry cloth or dust brush.
⟡ Each handmade item is absolutely unique, please expect it to have minor differences from the photo.

Customer Reviews

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April Z
Adorable and good quality

Sleepy Eevee is very well made and simply adorable. The detail and little bubble were nice touches. Keycap is also lightweight and fits the switch stem well. Overall, very happy with this little guy!