hello! i’m apple. i’m a dog mum, fitness enthusiast, and homebody, currently working as a full time artist. when im not at my studio, you'll find me in nature or in a bookstore - depending on the weather.

i live in the bustling city of hong kong. i still find it unreal that i now work as a full time artist! i quit my corporate job last year to fully pursue my passion, and i have no regrets. i'm a huge believer in doing what you love - cos only then will you be the best version of yourself! :) 

my partner and I have two tiny dogs together - bailey and brandy. i am so blessed to be able to work with them everyday.

i hope my art will make you go "that's so cute!", and i hope they'll leave you with a warm and cozy feeling. i'm hugely inspired by things i see in my everyday life, nature, and of course my lovely dogs.

You can also find me here:
Here are some of the tools I use in my craft:
as always, thanks for being here. x

- Apple